Thursday, June 10, 2010

art of living NAKED! (Don't read this, Mom & Dad!).

This adorable graphic caught my eye one day, as I was reading another blog (can you believe there are others out there besides this one?!) and I was intrigued.  So I clicked it.  And darn it, I am now immersed in this woman's life!  She's funny, smart, practical.  And who could possibly resist a book and a blog, entitled, Looks Great Naked?

How To Look Good Naked:

You look great naked when you have nothing to hide, when you accept yourself exactly the way you are--right here, right now, flaws, wrinkles, knots, bumps, lumps, bad attitude and all.  It's not a pass for slacking on the maintenance; it's not about obsessing over perceived imperfections.  Be yourself.  Who you are is gorgeous; trying to be what you're not isn't. 

That's really great advice.  It's often difficult to be real.  Sometimes it's easier to be who others expect you to be, rather than just being you.  Me.  Us.  Whoever I am.  Just when I think I know me, I realize that I'm wrong and need to keep searching from within and pull whoever I really am, up and out.  It's about self-discovery, balance, a quest for knowledge and faith. Because standing in one spot is boring and if I'm not moving forward, I'm definitely going to fall behind.  Falling hurts.  Momentum is thrilling!

Last night I read all about Grace Adams' dating antics on  Funny stuff.  Grace lives in St. Augustine, Florida, a lovely town full of history, pretty beaches and some pretty nifty nightspots (not that I frequent them...any more!).  Always witty, Grace has a lovely knack of ending her post with a little pearl of wisdom, a humorous outcome, or a reflection to consider. 

Have a little look around her blog and enjoy Grace's charming writing.  You don't have to be naked to read it, just remember to be the real you and don't forget to LAUGH. 

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