Wednesday, June 30, 2010

she lay down her sweet head.

I had planned on today's post being a cheeky review of last night's get-together with my lovely and diverse batch of church-ladies.  The fun, the food, the wine...

My camera was waiting on a nearby table, ready to capture the fun moments of the evening.  Then I saw her peacefully sleeping and my heart couldn't resist. 

This is sweet Ava, the youngest member of our group.  She knows our voices, our secrets, our joys, our trials.  As we met each week, Ava was nestled safe & sound in her mommy's womb the entire 9 months of her early life.  We could hardly wait to meet this baby and kiss her fingers and toes, knowing she would be just as special to us as her mommy: sweet, honest, kind.

Then, there was this moment:  Precious.  Tender.  Comforting.  I'm not sure who's enjoying the rocking more. This lovely gem is Juanita.  Juanita is the eldest member of our group and we all adore her.  She's loving, generous, kind, spiritual.  Juanita has a great laugh, is wise and loves each one of us.

The church-ladies didn't talk much about anything in was just a fun gab-fest.  But the above moment is what I'll remember most about the evening.  Just to be in the same moment with these two lovelies was a gift. 

And isn't that what each of us is called to do in this life?   To hold, protect, nurture and love God's perfect, sweetest creations? 

Job well done, Juanita!

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Thomas Fleming said...

What a wonderful post, Patti! You have such a wonderful appreciation for the fragile, beautiful things in life, and especially for all kinds of people. I wish we lived close enough that Melany could be part of your special "circle"!

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