Wednesday, June 9, 2010

tutu = 3!

You may recall  yesterday's post, in which I mentioned the fact that Maureen has three girls, three t-shirts.  One of her girls is a sweet baby and one of the t-shirts, a onesie.  Which has a sweet saying on it.

Naturally, I could do only one thing with the onesie...

Attach a tutu to the onesie.  Written in a numeric equation, would look something like this:

          Where:  1 = onesie, 2 = tulle, 3 = degree of cuteness

                                      2 + 1 = 1000(3)

                                            3 = 3000

The significance of the equation?  We're back to the number "3" which is where we began this project...

3 t-shirts, 3 girls and that was  3 X the fun of 1!!!

See, world... I can do math, no matter what my high school math teacher said!
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