Tuesday, September 6, 2011

this one's for Georgia, in Waterport, NY!

I've often wondered if this blog is worth my time and effort. I mean, what good does it bring? Is anyone actually reading and who really cares about what I'm thinking? I know my brother and my parents stop by to see what I'm up to...but does anyone else actually visit this site?

Apparently, they do! I received a very lovely email from a lady new friend in NY, introducing herself and telling me that she has visited the little green argyle/bird skirt I made a few weeks back...about 20 times! Wow! Apparently, Georgia knows my brother and his wife up yonder in NY, which in my world, makes her almost family!  I have to tell you, her lovely note gave me the jump start I needed to continue writing on this blog. It's not uncommon for bloggers to hit a wall, feeling that the only one reading their words is maybe their spouse or mother, so naturally I was delighted with her encouraging words and stories of my darling brother.

So in light of this revelation, this post is for Georgia in NY...

I bring you...

Argyle & Chevron!
I found this luscious brown argyle when Donna was visiting at the end of July...we were in a quilt shop together and I swooned. I bought the green argyle instead, thinking that it had an extra "cute" factor. But my mind always went back to this traditional brown argyle. Which makes me think of English gentlemen and pipes (Mr. Hawkes?). About two weeks ago, I went back for the fabric that's been burning in my brain, brought it home and made yet another pleated skirt.

The chevron pattern beautifully complements the argyle pattern. I had worried, at first, that the browns weren't feminine enough... but I think that it's a perfect combination for the new Season!

This skirt is a size 3T, with elastic on the backside of the waist. Picture it with brown tights and a cute long-sleeved tee or turtleneck and it will make a darling autumn outfit.

Thanks for writing, Georgia. Your kind words reignited my pursuit of blogging excellence (or at least what I strive towards!). I hope you enjoyed yet another round of argyle and I hope that one day soon, another creation resonates within your creative soul.


Thomas Fleming said...

Patti, this is awesome that Georgia--one of our best friends--has found you! How did that come about? I recently signed up to get your posts by email, so now I'll never forget or fail to notice that there's a new one to see. We'll pass on your blog to other friends up here, too. Have a great day!

Judi said...

Hi Patti
How nice of Georgia to leave you a note about your blog and this adorable skirt. For you see I found you through Georgia! She is a neighbour at our cottage in Waterport and we share crafts and recipes and interesting conversations and she'll leave me a message periodically to make sure I check out something neat on your blog.

Your blog is delightful and I've posted it on the sidebar of my blog.

have a great evening and do come by and visit

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