Thursday, February 24, 2011

these shoes are made for walkin'...

Way back in the '80's, I owned some great shoes.

Not terribly expensive, but they were some real lookers, baby!

Heels. High-heels.

I wore red heels, white heels, black heels. Black heels. Black heels.

Boots. Leather boots. With heels. Brown. Black. Black. Black.

You get the picture.

Upon checking my email this afternoon, I found heels waiting for me from Anthropologie. 

These luscious heels:

And these high, funky wedges.

I wore wedges, too. 

 Sometimes the shoes hurt my feet...but that didn't stop me from wearing the beauties. No sir, they looked great and I knew that eventually, I'd break them in and the blisters and callouses would be well-worth it! Because fashion knows no boundaries.

 Just take a look at these cute little multi-colored shoes below. I am in love. 

I swore that I would always wear heels, no matter what! No sensible shoes for me!

Then I grew up and have taken a different view on the whole fashion-shoe debate.

Heels. Pretty to look at, but so dysfunctional.

Now these, these are shoes that you can live in!

Granny shoes.

So practical, so utilitarian.

I think they even come in black!

Would it be too gauche of me to wear them to a formal social function?

I didn't think so.

1 comment:

Mary Anne Drury said...

SO TRUE !!!! I'm in the same boat!!! Used to LOVE my cute shoes .... now I just don't want my dogs to be barkin' !!!! (Do those granny shoes come in a white sandal version .... my niece is getting married in June in Florida and i need something to go with my moo moo !!:)

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