Tuesday, February 8, 2011

online store giveway!

Recently, I was contacted by CSNstores.com, asking if I would be interested in a) ordering an item from their store and writing a review for my blog, or b) offering the certificate amount as a giveaway on my blog for a lucky reader.

"Hmmmm..." I mused. "Do I want something for myself, or do I want to show my appreciation to my faithful blog readers with a giveaway?"

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Modern Rugs. So pretty, I love the floral print and the colors are so delightful! I found this runner in the children's rug section.

 If there's a man in your life, you might find this handy-dandy little bottle opener, well...quite handy! I think this would look dashing on the wall near the fridge...in the garage!

 And who wouldn't love to serve a casserole in this beautiful cobalt-colored dish?

My hand is waving wildly in the air...I would, I would! Choose me!

This corkscrew is a work of art. And it comes in other tropical colors. It's sooooo precious! Get this for yourself and that bottle opener for Joe Shmoe...he'll love the bottle opener, you'll love this parrot. Win/win!

Go! Click here and give CSNstores.com a gander...many items ship for free!

I'm not going to keep this certificate for myself, I've decided to give my reader-friends a chance at winning the $25 gift certificate to CSNstores.com. You can, of course, choose something for a higher value and apply the $25 towards that item. Here are their sites: Cookware.com, Petsbycsn.com, Everygameroom.com, and Shoesgotsole.com.

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog in the comments section, telling me what you'd buy with the moolah. If you leave a comment on my Facebook page, I'm going to chastise you and tell you to come back and leave a comment here.

I'll randomly choose one comment from this post with Random Generator and announce the winner on Friday evening.  Unless I'm busy installing a bottle-opener.

Now I'm off to rewrite some patriotic lyrics...Christina Aguilera called and asked me to write some new words for her.

She'll be performing the new tunes at your local county fair this Summer...


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love me some CSN. I have ordered several things from them.

But I love you more.

I have won from you before so just let this be a comment and not an entry. ~mutters the prize hog~

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OH! And I am loving your header!!

Ester said...

I agree with Princess of everything, she does ALWAYS wins, it must be her JOY!

I would love to win......so I too can be like Princess

greenbeanbaby said...

they have some darling toys on that site! i've never heard of the site but it's quite awesome!!! so knowing me, i'd get toys or a clock for my studio :)


Anonymous said...

I love that wine opener!! Tahnks for hosting a contest - great fun!!

Yankee, Transferred said...

I would totally love to win! I need a new toaster in a big, bad way!

Anonymous said...

That nifty portable wine opener looks good to me! Always in need of one when traveling!!!!

Donna said...

Well, that was fun!!! How can I win that handy dandy wine opener if you don't know who I am? Sooooo, here I goes again! Wish me luck.

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