Thursday, February 17, 2011

driving along in my automobile.

What the motivation was to take my camera along to pick the dog up from the groomer's, I'm not certain.

Perhaps it was to document blatant traffic this driver...

 ...who ran the red light and pulled out right in front of me. Grrrrrr....

Without hesitation, I took a photo of her dastardly deed. If you recognize this driver, please report this tag number to the Division of Moron-driving Vehicles.

I was so irritated.

Or maybe I took my camera along that I could share with you the pretty promise of Spring. The grass is to turning green and the foliage is preparing to present multitudes of brilliant color.

My Yankee family and friends might consider me to be rubbing their poor, cold noses into our beautiful weather, as they struggle to escape the freezing temperatures and snow of this Winter.

Yet I remind Yankee-dwellers of their beautiful Fall weather and colors, which we in Florida totally lack.

Do you really think that I would be so petty as to taunt my friends with photos of beautiful blue Southern skies?!

Yup... you'd be totally correct in that assumption.

Some days, I feel so totally wicked!

1 comment:

JR said...

You're horrible! Just horrible! :)

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