Tuesday, February 15, 2011

"hearting" these hearts!

I have an affliction...

Self-diagnosis: Craftoholic.

Symptoms: Once you see a creative, remarkable craft, you can't shake the image. It's all you think about. Perhaps for days. Weeks. Months.

This morning, I found this little tutorial over at Little Birdie Secrets, on how to make darling little note cards.

Thankfully, I had just about all the supplies needed already on hand.

All that was missing was the heart-punch and they're on sale at Joann's.

Here are the cards I made:

These are a lot of fun to make and has generated several ideas for alternative note-cards. 

Now I just need to get the old printer hooked up.

My mind is spinning ideas 'round and 'round...

Creativity: a curse and yet, a delight!


Donna P said...

Amen to the crafting curse! I have so many projects to start. What to choose....?

Lynn said...

These are adorable. This looks like it'd be a dangerous craft . . . because where would you stop? I'd be tempted to just keep making these. A couple years ago I got started on patchwork/crazy quilt jar toppers. And that just never ended. Currently I'm turning my home office into a sewing room -- because those 10 or so quilt tops I started once upon a time just must get finished before I die. Thanks for your entertaining blog. Your quilt top is beautiful, by the way :)

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