Thursday, January 20, 2011

see ya later, alligator!

If you live in Florida, you or someone you know is enamored in some fashion, with gators.

The Florida Gators, Gator-Nation, gator-meat, gator-skin, gator-huntin', gator-watching...

So when I found this lil' ol' piece of gator, I fell in love...

The design is by Tammy Keefe and the fabric, by Michael Miller.  A great bio on the very talented Ms Keefe, who designed this print, can be found here.

Once I laid eyes upon this print, I just had to have it!

So I ordered a slab of this delectable gator from this shop and waited...

...through MLK Day (this was so very hard to do), until Tuesday, the day of its much anticipated arrival. Upon my return from running errands, the package was patiently awaiting my return, as I peeled into the driveway and almost through the inside garage wall. I was so excited!

I wrestled the fabric out of my mailbox, out of the envelope and onto my cutting table.

I sliced it up and served it on a frame.

And made a gator-purse.

All in the same fact, I made two purses that day. I was inspired!

I have some leftover gator and like all leftovers, it's going to sit here for awhile until I decide what to do with it. I can tell ya, I won't be flushing it down the toilet anytime soon!

They say that gator can be thick-skinned, like an armor.

Not this one! It was easy to cut into. Anything made from this gator would be cute.

What do you think I should make with the leftovers? An apron would be cute, maybe potholders?

It's going to be hard letting this purse go.

This gator-hunt was a fun one.

In case you didn't know,  I am a "Swamp People!" 

Hooked on gator...

Only my gator is the cutest one, by far!

Take that, Troy!

1 comment:

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

ooohhhhh I love the gator print! I want to see what you do with the left overs!!

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