Friday, January 7, 2011

 Amy Butler...the queen, the maven, the rock 'n roll diva of textile. I've thumbed through this book on more than one occasion and I want it..bad. Style Stitches. Everything she stitches is stylin!

 25 Simple Sewing Projects. I love simple. Simple is simply divine and I simply want this book, too. In fact, I've been described as "simple" more than once..."ditz" has the same meaning, doesn't it?

Help me! Look at Felting A Smile..too cute and I've been wanting to try this for some time, now. Felting. I feel like felting. Felting is what I feel like doing. I've felt that way since I discovered felting. Do you feel like felting? I felt you feeling the felting feeling.

OK, I'll stop now. But I really think I could have kept on.

Have a beautiful weekend...

See you soon.


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