Thursday, December 2, 2010

purse-onally obsessed.

It seems that I became obsessed with a cute little purse at Paula's Fine Fabrics. And I may have gone to visit it several times, going so far as to sign up for a machine demonstration, just to get the pattern for this purse. My dreams of this purse, however, was shattered (after canceling a much-needed hair appointment on the same day as class) when the owner of the shop called and said she was sick and would have to cancel the class. Arrrrgh!

In quiet desperation, I had only one option remaining...I purchased the pattern and went ahead and made it on my own. I am quite capable of following easy instructions most of the time, but I sometimes lack self-confidence. So silly of me, when I make purses all the time. But here we are, said purse in all its Christmas glory.

The beauty of this little purse is that you can change out the bag itself, using the same frame. I'll be making some more "skins" for my purse in the next week, to show you the versatility of this little number. Perhaps I should make it a little smaller? With an option for a chain, so that it can be worn over the shoulder...whatdaya think? 

I'll be debuting my purse this Sunday, at church. My only hope is that my purse not divert attention from the real purpose we're all there.


My Christmas purse is cute, though.

In case you're wondering, I haven't finished decorating...that hutch looks a little nakey. Not to worry, I'll have it loaded  with Christmas decorations by the end of this weekend!

And baby, it's cold outside!


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