Sunday, December 12, 2010

baking for Christmas!

Are you ready for some baking?!

I'm here to help you...

I'll be posting some great baking sites for the next few days, to help you with your Christmas baking. Some real, honest-to-goodness practical sites...not those flippin' fancy places that want you to use ingredients that come from the great land of "yeah, right!"

Take Bake at 350, for instance...she's a guru and has easy recipes and techniques to get you in the mood for holiday baking. I found her over at Pioneer Woman...amazing!

Cottages...too cute!

Ornaments. Not that I'll be able to duplicate the beauty of these cookies, but perhaps with a little practice, by next year I might come close!

I've placed 350's link over there to the right at the top of my sidebar. In case you need to come back and find her link, it's handy-dandy, right there for you to click.

I'm always thinking of you!

Go now, bake and conquer! Impress your Christmas guests with some cute cookies.

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