Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ronald Reagan on socialized medicine.

I don't believe that people are thinking to the actual repercussions a socialized health care plan will produce. It's frightening to think that our parents and eventually, ourselves, will be required to attend "end of life" counselling sessions (every 5 years). Or that infertility issues will be addressed by a Federal bureaucrat, determining who will or won't be permitted the "right" to conceive their own child.

And where, then, will it all end? Perhaps the government will tell parents where their children will go to school. Perhaps we'll be "placed" in careers, selected by Washington. It sounds far-fetched, but is it really? We're being shoved into "energy-efficient" vehicles, we're going to be told how warm or cold we can keep our homes... and it won't stop there.

As far as my health, I certainly don't ever want to put it on hold for months on end...ask our Canadian neighbors or British friends. For those who can afford it, they seek treatment in the States, so that they can begin effective treatments immediately rather than waiting 3 to 6 months in their own country.

Just remember one thing: nothing's free. I'd rather pay for my own health care, rather than pay ever-higher taxes , all the while jumping through hoops for Washington.

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Kami said...

Well said. I am completely in agreement with you.

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