Thursday, January 1, 2009

huh? What?! You're kidding me!

There's been something that's been bothering me, lately. It is this: the political machine in this country has gone stark-raving mad! What is going on? In a recent conversation with my brother, we decided that it might be interesting to each write on this topic from our own perspective. We're linking our posts, in a world-wide exclusive presentation, much like Oprah, to bring you information from two similar views. Only his view will be very informative, mine will be very senseless and emotional. Ready?

Kennedy. If we were to buy into what the New York political and media machines are trying to sell us, that the name association itself uniquely qualifies Kennedy to fill the vacant NY Senate seat, then we must also assume the opposite to be true. That the Kennedy name also qualifies Ms. Kennedy to be an alcoholic, a less than faithful spouse, a rapist, a nepotist, etc...silly, true? Of course, it is! So also, is the fact that she is qualified to be plunked into a vacant Senate seat, based upon her name alone! Here's another illustration: my maiden name is "Fleming." Does this mean that I am eligible to be placed on the Winter Olympic's Figure Skating team? Or that I will have my first book published and it will be a mega-sensation, to be turned into a motion-picture epic? No, of course not! Why, then, is Ms Kennedy being touted as the next New York political phenom? She herself has recently stated that she would not be interested in running for office in 2010. What?! C'mon, if you feel that strongly about public service, run like the wind, as all other prospective candidates must. Just remember to vote, Ms. Kennedy, that's the benchmark of our political system. "What's that? It's been ten years since you've last voted and you're not quite sure how?" That's OK, I'm sure Governor Paterson will show you the ropes, for a price.

I know that Ms. Kennedy has participated in many worthy and wonderful causes. I realize that she has done great things with her wealth, believe me, I love wealthy people. Without them, where would this country be? The wealthy are the movers and shakers, catalysts in keeping the economy strong and providing jobs for the average citizenry. No, I'm not wealthy, but thanks for asking. By the way, Ms. Kennedy has been less than forthcoming in making public her personal finances, just a little document that all candidates are to make public prior to running for public office. Or is that only if your name is not Kennedy? Oh, I forgot, she's not running for office...she's positioning.

I grew up in the great Empire State. Loved it. Miss it. I always thought that the state was nicknamed for it's wealth and vast resources. In recent weeks, however, I've come to understand that it's named for the Kennedy Empire, HRH Caroline Kennedy. Duh!

Let me say that I do not hate Ms. Kennedy. I admire her work and diligence in the causes she has espoused. I do, however, despise what is happening in both Illinois and New York in regards to these two vacant Senate seats. C'mon, Governors! Get the $$$$$ off your eyeballs and do what is right and dictated by common sense. And decency. Ooops, sorry about using the word "decent." This is, afterall, politics.

Is there an evolution afoot in our political system, changing the course of the democracy we have known since the inception of the U.S. Constitution? It seems there is a new political concept upon us: Divine power and right, only not in the religious sense. Democracy is being retooled, my friends. All that we have known and hold dear is to be pried from our grips, much as the school bully pries lunch money from the fist of a smaller kid.

And there it is. The workings of my mind. Sorry. It's not pretty. For a calmer, clearer and concise viewpoint on this topic, please visit Tom, by clicking Tom. He's a lawyer/editor and so much smarter than I. I do feel better now, thanks for listening. I promise not to post my political ramblings too often, if ever again. But I did use a nice photo of Ms. Kennedy, didn't I?

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Thomas Fleming said...

Great post, Pat! My little sister pulls no punches! Now are you sitting down? It's reported at that if he doesn't go for Kennedy, Gov. Paterson might opt for a "caretaker" figure with a high profile to hold the seat until 2010, when he/she would walk away from it and leave an open field for other candidates in the general election. And guess who's name is among the possible caretakers: Bill Clinton! Now talk about nepotism and "Royal Families"! I could tolerate Hillary representing me more easily than He Who Can't Keep His Pants Zipped Up. Maybe you could work this into your post!

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