Wednesday, January 14, 2009

what you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

Gator World "tagged" me at her blog. Tagging is a blogging phenomena and once you've been tagged, you must spill your guts for the rest of the world to read. The topic: 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals regarding moi. Then I must tag some other bloggers. Because I want to find out more about them...kind of like People magazine. Only in the blogging world, it's Bleople magazine.

1. Motherhood is the most fulfilling and fun experience I can ever hope to have. That being said, marriage is hard work and it is second to motherhood.

2. I don't believe in Global Warming. It is my theory that Al Gore needed to invent an issue, after his claim of inventing the Internet blew up in his face. He needed to restore his own credibility and sense of importance in the world...doesn't it feel colder this winter than last?

3. I believe in the mercy of God, the love of Christ. I simply cannot miss mass.

4. I'm stepping up on my soapbox...let your little ones fail, from time to time. It builds character, they don't need to be perfect. Little failures promote coping, something they need to learn to live life. A little rejection never hurt anybody.

5. I love my parents and my brothers...their wives and children. xxx000xxx000

6. What's with the picture of the Good Witch of the North? Upon introduction, a future friend of mine began calling me "Glinda" because apparently, I resemble her. Hmmmmmm....

5. I am a political warrior. Don't get me started.

6. Gardening = boring. Sewing = fun.

7. Favorite television show? The Office. Such bent humor, I love it!

8. My brothers and I grew up on an island in New York, between Buffalo and Niagara Falls. My dad, his brothers and mother grew up there, too.

9. On that island, was an amusement park. My first job was at the park, on the maintenance crew. My partner and I cleaned the numerous public restrooms. Best job in the whole park...between walking the park and talking to friends and boys, we managed to clean the bathrooms every so often!

10. Yeah, who invented bras? It was probably a husband, trying to get even with his wife for something that was his fault. It's always about restricting the woman, keeping her under (or in), wraps!

11. Favorite movies? Fried Green Tomatoes, Sophie's Choice.

12. I love nuns. Especially Mother Theresa & Mother Angelica. The latter is a hoot! And my girlfriends...I'd be lost without the girls.

13. Did you know that if you catch one of those little lizards that run around in Florida, flip them over and rub their bellies, they'll fall asleep? Yup. They do.

14. Zits. Jeremy. Totally parallels our life. With a hungry teenage son.

15. Speaking of teenage sons, ours plays the electric guitar. But you know what's really cool? He plays "our" music of the '70's & '80's. The lessons have been worth every penny.

16. Did I mention my goal? That would be to kiss Christ every day, by being kind to others, by showing love and affection, gratitude and appreciation for the tiniest of blessings that pass through my day. And that our son, in his old age, will remember his parents with fondness and tenderness. My mantra? Humor, kindness, love.

**OK, Tom of Marching On and Donna of Donna's Pampered...consider yourselves officially tagged.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

For reals? The Office? ME TOO!!! Another thing in the damn we are so alike thing!!!

I am also addicted to Big Bang Theory and LOST!

Love your list!

Gator World!! said...

This is a totally awesome list! You ROCK!!!

It's A Wonderful said...

No, YOU DO, Gator-Girl!

randi said...

I LOVE The Office! Steve Carrell is one of my faves!

I love that you call motherhood fun, but marriage hard work. Sometimes I think that is so true! Although I do love my hubs dearly. On most days anyway....:)

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