Tuesday, November 29, 2011

miscellany. Fabulous!

My camera went kaput...I am now reduced to pulling up a photo of the dog and embellishing it. It seems I have more shots of the dog than anything else. She's just so easy and will sit pretty for a cookie.

Today was an A+ day. I didn't work. This was the first day in a month (other than Sundays), that I've had off. Not counting Thanksgiving...work would have been easier than that! It was so nice to not have anywhere to be, anything to do. The whole day was mine. Christmas is, of course, on my list of "to-do." So I "did." Oh, I still have a great deal of stuff to do, but still, it was great just puttering around town and being loose and fancy free.

You know those chickens Wal-Mart sells? I bought one and made chicken and dumplings from this recipe. It was very delicious! I added a few herbs and spices, but the guys ate it up and really, that's the only barometer a mom needs to know that her dinner was pretty darn good!

Hair clips. Reindeer clips. I made a bunch and they're pretty darn cute! I'd love to take a photo of them and post it, but my camera isn't working. I dragged out some Christmas decorations...I love Christmas! I figure that if I decorate a little bit every day, I should be all decorated by the end of the week. Minus the tree, but I'm hoping we'll get that covered next weekend.

And that, my friends, was my day off. I have sewing and cleaning and more shopping...but right now, today, I am content just taking my day one minute at a time.

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