Thursday, November 3, 2011

clean herd.

Clean elephants, that's what the world needs...made from baby washcloths.

Have you ever seen albino elephants? Here ya go! Here are two!

I made this herd last night, while we watched T.V. They're really not too difficult to make...but the ears! The ears are definitely maddening.

I'm hoping with a little more practice, the ears won't be such a challenge.

Here's Pinky. Wouldn't you know that she turned out to be the cutest of them all?! She even looks kind of prissy, the way she's standing.

You're wondering what one does with these, aren't you?

You use them as accents on baby gifts or diaper cakes. And you can take the washcloths apart and use them on baby!

If you're interested in the pattern, go here. She has all kinds of washcloth creations and I happen to have my eye on a few more patterns. It seems I started off with the most challenging, but hey! The next project should be easier, right?

At least that's what I'm hoping!

1 comment:

Judi said...

Hi Patti
The elephants are great! You've made so many of them too...a whole herdful! I'll check out the ite.
In the spring when we were on a cruise I took a little class on napkin folding that was fun too. I forget everything though. We watched them making all kinds of fish and animals it was fun.
thank you for sharing and what will you make next I wonder?

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