Tuesday, June 14, 2011

why am I drawn to Ghastlies?

I generally don't care for anything "spooky." Or macabre.

But Alexander Henry's Ghastlies has its hold on me...

Perhaps it's because the woman on the fabric has crazy hair like mine?

 Or maybe it's the drawings... I find them to be brilliant, eliciting an aura from an era long past.

Perhaps the exuberant expressions on the faces of the dinner guests are tickling my funny bone...a family holiday dinner!

Hawthorne Threads photo

I really, really want some of this fabric. I'm not sure what I'd make from it, but I think I could figure something out.

If you'd like some ghastly fabric of your own, you can find it here, at Hawthorne Threads. A fabulous web site and blog...

What would you make with this fabric? An apron? A purse? A Halloween quilt?

What a ghastly dilemma I'm in!

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