Sunday, June 26, 2011

my purse needs a nice home!

This is the first attempt at making this bag. "First" is never perfect..."first" comes with little mistakes. Often, a person might not really see the imperfections in construction that my eyes see. But the mistakes are present and they bother me.

I really love this fabric. It's bold and pretty. Very summery. The blue background is lovely and soothing.

The inside of this bag is just as pretty as the outside. In fact, it's supposed to be reversible. But most of the mistakes are on the inside of this bag. That's also why there are no inside pockets...if one were to turn it inside-out there would be funny-looking pockets on the outside. Hence, no pockets.

The purse is very roomy, 13-inches high by 15-inches wide and 3-inches deep. I love it, but I can't keep every purse I make. I'm listing the purse right here from my blog for $18 plus shipping (unless you live near me and we can meet), just email me and the first person who contacts me will be sent a Paypal invoice. Please include your name and address...My email is in the upper right-hand corner.

I've been known to include a little something extra when I sell a purse...just to show my love and appreciation.

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