Wednesday, October 6, 2010

let's chat!

~You may recall how a few weeks ago, "someone" was complaining about the oppressive heat in Florida and why, on God's green Earth, would anyone want to live here?  Well...the weather is absolutely gor-ge-ous right now in the big city of Jacksonville!  So I guess that "someone" won't be complaining unless, of course, the temperature spikes and we're back up into the 90s.  Then "someone" is going to start her whining again...

~ A little alarm incident this problem and the officers were as nice as could be! They let me off the hook and no paddy-wagon for me!

~Here is a link to some adorable Paper Dolls. Too cute! Throw some card stock in your printer and make these for your kids. Yes, boys can play with them...there's nothing manlier than a pirate!

~This is an awesome project using dollar store pumpkins. I think it's a beautiful vignette. Go here for the project. I just might tackle this pretty pumpkin project myself!

~How do you like my unconventional pastel Halloween Blog banner? I don't like spooky stuff, so I figured happy colors make the whole vibe much less threatening.  Is it too soon for Halloween decorations?

~Christmas will be here soon...I love Christmas!  I think I'll start my shopping soon. We already know what we're getting Dad.  One down, lots to go!

Alrighty, then. I enjoyed our little chat. 

I'll see YOU soon...

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