Monday, October 11, 2010

I spy with my holiday eye!

I made a quick trip to the St. John's Town Center Sunday to do a little birthday shopping. As I was coming out of the store, Pottery Barn beckoned to me. What the heck. I dashed across the street and did a little looking. As always, I found the in-store catalogue and brought it home with me...

...and hyperventilated when I found this cardinal salt and pepper shaker set. I really adore this little nest. Cardinals at Christmas remind me of the cold winters in Buffalo, as the real birds perched on snowy branches, puffing out their feathers to stay warm. I think this little set just may find its home on my dining table.

These are the ever-popular, whimsical reindeer dinnerware. Very cute!

And back to the cardinal theme. Love these salad plates. And the table runner. I love it all.

It won't be long now...I feel Christmas coming!

I'll post more great seasonal "finds" as I find them. I hope you'll find my finds to be helpful in finding unique and inspiring finds for the hard to find gifts for those people you find  difficult to shop. For. **let's ignore that writing rule**

1 comment:

Thomas Fleming said...

Per your last remark--Winston Churchill is said to have written, in reference to this rule: "This is the kind of tedious nonsense up with which I will not put." You're in good company!

As to the rest of the post--what a clever way to drop hints! ;-)

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