Sunday, October 17, 2010

backyard adventures.

Jason and I took off this past Wednesday on a trip to Orlando. We had purchased a three-day getaway and the opportunity to use the trip was about to expire.

It's the first time I have left my six-foot-two "baby" alone for more than one night.

He didn't have a problem being left alone. He was excited at the prospect.

I'm the one who experienced separation's what happens when you have only one child. It's a series of "firsts" and "lasts."

We were driving right past Red Robin on the way down, so we stopped and combined lunch and dinner...yum! It's a fun place. Very colorful. Friendly. Clean. We enjoyed it.

Next stop...IKEA. What a fabulous adventure!

So much to look at.

Bargains galore!

We bought a much sought-after over sized bathmat for $10. Bargain!

Dishtowels, six in a pack for $2. Priceless!

The colors in this store are unbelievable. So bright, so innovative. Storage solutions...I don't think there are enough of these boxes in IKEA to satisfy my need for storage!

What I really enjoyed were the size-challenged living spaces set up throughout the second floor. Their concept of space-saving solutions for small living spaces were genius. It almost made me wish we had a small house. Not really. I just think that because then I would have more ideas on how to creatively utilize space. And if I had a tiny house, I could use their ideas. But then my guys wouldn't fit in my little abode and life for all of us would be miserable. So I will live in my "big" house. And solve my own storage problems.

We left IKEA with $30 less in Jason's wallet, but it really could have been much worse. I think he got off pretty light...

IKEA is only about 2 hours from Jacksonville...dangerous!

I guess this means I can go shopping and spend more money?

Jason....just kidding, honey! I wouldn't do that.

Or would I?


Donna said...

I LOVE Ikea! There is one in Utah that I make Jonathan stop at... LOVE it!

Thomas Fleming said...

And I LOVE Red Robin! Just about my favorite eating joint--especially that A-1 peppercorn burger!

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