Sunday, October 3, 2010

50th Birthday Party!

Not my 50th...our friend Carl's 50th!

It was a surprise party at Mudville and what a great evening it was!

So here's to you, Carl.  Even though there are more photos of Suzy...there would be more of you if you were my girlfriend, but you're not!

Entering the Party Room...surprise!

These two were little babies together...they're not babies any more. 

I often told Carla when she was a little girl that if she married Jonathan, I'd spoil her rotten!  I would...rotten! The offer still awaits you...

The Thurson Boys.  Big, tough.  TEDDY BEARS!

Love them!

A dancing Teddy Bear...dancing with his fun-loving lady.

We love the lady Thursons! 

There's an original Lady Thurson, in the black.  She's just as much fun as her sister Suzy!

These three are my dear, crazy girlfriends.  Audrey, Suzy and Kathy. 

They're the best girls a girl could ever hope to have as friends.  Loyal, trustworthy and fabulous!

Next up: more photos of the party and if I can figure out how to get them off of my camera , a few movie clips of the party.

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