Friday, March 5, 2010

fly like an Eagle...

It's a proud moment in a family when it can say one of its "own" realized a goal and did something truly remarkable for the community in which they live.

Then multiply that by two!

Our nephews Aaron (in the above photo) and Connor (in the photo below) recently completed their Eagle Scout Projects and we are so proud of them.

Aaron's project was to conduct interviews with local war veterans from WWII, Korea and Viet Nam, which was then sent to the Army War College in Carlisle.

Connor's (the tall boy at the very far left) Eagle Scout Project, was to create a picnic area at the local library for the benefit of both patrons and staff.

You can read more about their accomplishments here and here.

Great job, boys! Now get down here and help out an old aunt!

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J said...

That is a great accomplishment. My boys did cub scouts, but we kinda pooped out after that. I wish they were still in scouts - it is a great organization! Congrats to the nephews!

PS ~ the sun is finally shining here in Ohio. My mood is improving by leaps and bounds. Of course we still have 3 foot of snow drifted in the backyard, but for now I'm only opening the blinds to the front yard! :) We are heading to Orlando, Savannah and Charleston in two weeks - I cannot wait for some warm weather!!


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