Tuesday, March 2, 2010

a cup, two friends & a tousled house.

You know, it takes a good friend to acknowledge what I know in my mind to be true. Some friends might be intimidated with the thought that I am pretty darn perfect. A good friend, however, revels in the fact that her friend is self-confident and, to be blunt, perfect.

Thank you, Christy, for being that friend. Not the perfect one, because that's me. You're the friend who revels in my perfection. The friend who is so secure in her own sense of self-worth (that's you now, honey) that she can bring the factoid right to the perfect one (that'd be me).

In closing, I want to both thank and apologize to my good friend, Christy. Thank you for the perfect cup for perfect me. And I'm sorry that my house wasn't in the perfect state of presentableness (I just invented a new perfect word)...but to be fair, I never said that my house was perfect. Just me.

Thank you!

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