Saturday, November 28, 2009

wordless Thanksgiving.

Apparently, Jason kind of stuck his foot in "it" the night before Thanksgiving. I was talking to Mom on the phone and she said that she thought we should give up drinking alcohol for Thanksgiving (hello, Mom. That's Lent, not TG!). Jason quipped back that he would give up alcohol if she would give up talking. Guess what?

Upon unwrapping my frozen turkey, I discovered that it wasn't the Tom I assumed it would be, it was a girl-turkey! How do you tell a frozen girl turkey from a frozen boy? My turkey's legs were crossed in a lady-like fashion....note the "bling" I rewarded her, on the tip of her wing.

A picture's worth a thousand words...thanks, Mom!

I do believe Grandma was looking for a written message for Jonathan...I love it when they laugh together!

And that, my friends, was our Thanksgiving in one hundred words or less. Inspired by Mom.


The Queen(aka Red Bear) said...

Where are the boy's curly locks? Is this his new quantum judidso look?

J said...

that's hilarious!! Glad you had a "quiet" Thanksgiving. :)


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