Wednesday, November 11, 2009

day to honor our Veterans.

Thank you to all of the United States of America Veterans, who have or are serving our beautiful God-given country! We are all eternally indebted to you and your families. May God abundantly bless you and keep you safe and close.

For a beautiful tribute to this day, please visit His Truth Is Marching On. I don't know of another soul who can as beautifully capture in words the thoughts and hearts of those who honor and give tribute to our national treasures, our heroes, our Veterans.

God Bless America!


Thomas Fleming said...

A hearty Veterans Day salute to you and your family, Patti! Wish we could observe the day in person together, especially with Dad. Is Jason's Dad a veteran?

Gator World!! said...

I completely agree. I saw the coolest commercials by Applebee's and Golden Coral. On Veteran's Day all veterans could eat for free. I thought that was pretty cool.

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