Tuesday, November 17, 2009

day at the Market.

I met this little sweetie at the Riverside Arts Market this past Saturday. I love her. She's sweet! Her name is Penny and she's a puppy.

I met this lovely lady at the Market, too! I love her...she's pretty and she's retro!

Just feast your eyes on this jewelery. It is absolutely beautiful! I don't normally fall for jewelery, but these pieces spoke to me. Crystals of Love was our neighbor and I just couldn't help but to periodically run over and feast my eyes on the vibrant colors and richness of their booth. The quality of their pieces is outstanding, brilliant designs and excellent craftsmanship.

This is Del-mari, the creator of those divine necklaces. And the owner of that redhead up there. Del-mari's husband was with her and he crafts jewelery, too. His site is House of Hardwearz. He's shy...but very creative. His booth was the envy of MacGyver, who was tickled to be neighbors with another inventive/handy soul.

Oh, this was a very cute booth. Bands by Hand...they craft headbands (so cute!) and darling picture frames. The whole family was there...well, not the whole family, but about half! Dad was sitting in a chair, barking orders at the girls...what a taskmaster! Not really, he was laid back and friendly. It just sounded good...but the girls, how creative! The frames are to die for, so colorful and cute! Go visit their website, they have darling personalized frames...go!

Now these two were characters! I felt like I was on the dock of a fishing town, listening to tales of the old sea captain and his first mate. They were charming, gracious and knew how to greet a lady. I didn't see a lady while I was visiting, but I just instinctively know a gentleman. The first mate tipped his hat to a lady there, but I didn't see who it was. What's that you say? It was me?! Why, I'll be! The sea captain caught that school of fish in a recycling bin and painted them. That's a lot of work! He doesn't have a web site...he doesn't require such foolishness!

And Honey here, his name is Mick. He's a scream! So nice and friendly and funny! I love funny! I asked him if I could take his picture and blog him. Mick started to chuckle and can you guess what he said? He said that was the best offer he had all day! Did I mention that I love funny people? 'Cause he's priceless. There's a lot of honey and jammin jellys on that table...

Here's my new friend again. She wanted to kiss me. Next to our dear doggie BB, she's the sweetest thing since Mick's honey and jammin jelly. Have I mentioned I fell in love with her?

The Market was a blast and thank you for visiting my new friends. If you would like more information on any of the vendors above, email me and I'll pass along their phone numbers and email addresses...the Captain and Mick don't have a web site. C'mon, Mick! Get a web site! Jacksonville needs your jammin jellys!


Gator World!! said...

Oh man, that puppy is soooo cute. I am glad that you had a fun time at the market.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I think Penny loved you too!

It looks like you had such a nice time.

JR said...

Cute puppy! I'm in love too! That Riverside Market looks like such a fun place to go.

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