Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dash to the finish.

I'm in a quandary. Between a rock and a hard place. In a pickle.

Speaking of, don't those pickles look delicious? I don't really know who would put a pickle on their pine, but hey, to each his own!

I'm spending the next day or two embroidering Christmas deer, Santas, cardinals, snowmen, et al, onto fabric which will be whipped into purses. My goal is 5. By Friday. AND, aprons. I have to finish my aprons, too! Which by the way, I found an adorable tropical Christmas fabric at Joann's and I'm hoping that sucker sells fast. I know I'd buy it! Psssst...it has flamingos on it! With little wreaths on their necks...cute!

I'll be under the bridge this weekend with my hubby, selling purses, aprons and lots of other stuff. If you live in the Jacksonville area and are looking for something to do because you've been in the house for 3 days trying to stay dry from Ida, come see me in booth #514 at the Riverside Arts Market. We'll hang out, I'll let you go grab me a drink. And I'll buy one for you, if it's under a dollar...

Alrighty, then. Time to dash away and finish my reindeer...hey, I'll put that on the other side of the purse: "dash away." Thanks!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Wouldn't you be surprised if I showed up at your booth!!!!

You will do wonderful!

J said...

The pickle is hidden on the tree...it's a German thing! The first person to find it gets a special present. (My Granny is of German descent-3rd generation born in US.)

Good luck at Riverside Market...I only wish that I could stop by with a drink for you! :) Instead I will be driving to Indiana for my niece's Sweet 16 - I'd rather be in Jacksonville! Because you know what are at Sweet 16 parties???? A busload of 16 year olds....HELP!

Thomas Fleming said...

We have a pickle ornament for our tree, too! I never knew why until I read the comment from "J". I'll have to "find" it this year so I can get a special present!

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