Saturday, September 6, 2008

song to my Love.

Here's to us one more toast and then we'll pay the bill
Deep inside both of us could feel the autumn chill
Birds of passage, you and me
We fly instinctively
When the summer's over and the dark clouds hide the sun
Neither you nor I'm to blame when all is said and done

It's been there in my dreams, this scene I see unfold
True at last, flesh and blood to cherish and to hold
Careless fools will suffer, yes
I know and I confess
Once I lost my way when something good had just begun
Lesson learned, it's history when all is said and done

In our lives we have walked some strange and lonely treks
Slightly worn but dignified and not too old for sex
Clear-headed and open-eyed with nothing left untried
Standing clamly at the crossroads, no desire to run
There's no hurry any more, when all is said and done.

Standing calmly at the crossroads...when all is said and done.

1 comment:

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Beautiful. The photo goes perfectly with the poem.

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