Tuesday, November 9, 2010

she's not getting older, she's getting better!

I love this photo of my mom. Her posture is so casual, comfortable, natural. I believe she's at a fort of some kind. This would have been taken in the '50s, I think.

Mom had four of us rowdy kids...three boys and a girl.

Some facts about my mom:
  • she's very smart
  • she can make up delightful children's stories
  • she's very artistic
  • she has a keen sense of humor
  • she loves her family very much
Happy Birthday, Mom.

We love you...I've decided to keep you!

1 comment:

Thomas Fleming said...

This is a WONDERFUL picture, Patti--I've never seen it! We must find out where it was taken! I'll probably be calling down there tomorrow; I called and had a nice chat with Mom Monday evening, anticipating that she'd be deluged with calls Tuesday night. She's the greatest, insn't she? Your tributes to our family members are the greatest, Patti; we should all be so faithful and clever. Love ya!

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