Thursday, September 9, 2010

whiney autumn lament.


It's still hotter'n heck, hades, h-e-double hockey sticks here in Florida.

Tell me, what does fresh, cool air feel like?

I knew it once, a very long time ago.

Tucked in my bed as the evening settled in, curtains dancing upon the cool autumn air.

...and the breeze would lightly kiss my cheek.

The tree frogs and crickets sang their orchestrated lullaby as a girl drifted off to sleep.

Now all I have are hot flashes in the middle of the night, a damp t-shirt and lizards staring at me through the window. 

...the dog sleeping on the floor at the foot of the bed, dreaming and snoring like an old, craggy sea captain.  Nice.

I miss the dancing curtains and the songs of the night critters.

...Autumn in Florida just isn't the same!


Thomas Fleming said...

Sorry to hear that it's so warm there, Patti--it's 58 degrees here at 10 p.m.; there's a gentle breeze outside; our bedroom window is open; and we can hear the frogs and crickets chirping. Not to drive you crazy or anything . . . ;-) WISH YOU WERE HERE!

J said...

It is chilly here in the evening...the locust are humming, crickets chirping, windows are open. It's beginning to feel like Fall. :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

It is still hot here and I am HATING it! I am not a summer time girl at all.

It the lizard from Geico stalking you?

JR said...

We've had several frosts so far and the leaves are beginning to change, but it usually doesn't last long before the much dreaded "s" word arrives. BUT, it is nice for a bit. Trying to send some cool your way if you promise to send some warm our way in January or February. Do I have a deal? :)

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