Friday, September 17, 2010

thanks for stopping by.


I've been MIA all week.

And I really don't like these periods of silence on this-here-blog.

I worked a little extra, met a friend to select some fabrics for a custom purse, and spent the same day doing some laundry and cleaning.  Oh, I also finished two purses.

So yes, I've been a little side-tracked. 

Fall is here...ha, ha, ha.  There is no Fall in Florida.  Only slightly cooler weather with a breeze.  No crunchy leaves, no brilliant red and orange hues, no nippy evening air. 

I'm complaining again. 

Sorry.  Kind of.

A new fabric store has opened up in town.  I think I'll make a pilgrimage this weekend.  Just to check it out.  I won't buy a thing, I promise.  I'll buy two things!

Is it evident that my life has hit a boring spot?  Nothing to share with you.  Just endless, mindless prattle.


Kind of.

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