Friday, May 14, 2010

she had me at "Live!"

About a month ago, I did a little "investigative" work for my friend, Kathy, while she and her youngest daughter were in NYC.

It was dirty work, sifting through garbage; sitting in my car in the dark, drinking black java; wiring informants; greasing the palms of high-ranking officials.

Not really.

As a token of her appreciation and affection for me, her number one-all-time-favorite-esteemed friend, she brought a gift from a NYC television show...

A Live! With Regis and Kelly tote bag. I love it! It's to die for! Honestly, I am over the moon for this bag.

And if the tote wasn't enough, she included a gift card to the Outback!

I think I might have a lucrative future in the PI business!

Hey,Kathy! If you decide to do any traveling this summer, I'm still available...I hear the South of France is beautiful!

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