Sunday, April 25, 2010

technique in marketing.

It was a beautiful day down on the river, hawking our purses and other wares at the Riverside Arts Market.

Jason and I enjoyed watching the people walking by, listening to the music, making friends with the other vendors and chatting with customers.

Dogs on leashes are a big part of the market...many vendors cater to the visiting pooches who are walking their masters.

And then you get this...

Three dachshunds in a stroller. Adorable. Dachshunds. Spoiled.

They are spoiled and I know it...their owner/mother is one of my dearest friends.

These doggies caused quite a stir in my booth. People were swarming over, taking photos of the girls in their stroller.

I'm thinking of hiring Abby, Shelby and Amber to be an attraction in & to my booth.

I wouldn't be breaking any labor laws!

Don't tell PETA.

Bark is cheap!

1 comment:

Thomas Fleming said...

I would think there'd be quite a ruckus if one of these little darlings decided on short notice that he/she needed to answer Nature's call!

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