Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"soaper" day!

A funny thing happened this past weekend, at RAM.

It was windy...again. The tent felt like it was going to fly away. That's not what was funny.

We sold out of almost everything. Now I have to make scads of new stuff. That's not funny.

Jason's phone didn't stop ringing. Work problems. Definitely not funny.

We were neighbors with this delightful company, The Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe, Inc. What a precious, precious display of aromatic soaps, gels, sachets, balms. Oh my! The smell wafting in the air, surrounding our booth with luscious scents was really too much to handle. I wanted to run over and snatch some soap to place inside my purses, making them smell irresistible. I really should have done that...but that's not the funny part.

This is my new best friend, Mary. She is the owner-extraordinaire of PVSoaps. What a lovely lady. I asked her way too many questions, but she enthusiastically answered every one of them. What a talent! She holds soap-making classes in her home. Groovy! She also has soap-making recipes on her web site. Smashing! As well as all kinds of supplies, should you attempt this art in your own kitchen. Yikes!

This hip chick is Leslie. She is very funny. As we were taking apart our booths at the end of the show, I shared with her a kind of personal issue I was having at the time. Now most people would have thought I was weird, "off," or just plain creepy. Not Leslie. She discussed my dilemma with me and we had a nice little laugh over it. I like Leslie. That conversation was funny...

Look at that soap. Oh, my. It makes me want to march right on over to Mary's and buy more. You choose what fragrance appeals to your senses, then Mary or Leslie will take the whole wheel of soap over to the scale, cut off a slice and weigh it.

Then they wrap your yummy soap in tissue paper, complete with a sticker of the name of the scent you just purchased. It's almost like shopping in a deli...just too, too cute!

The "funny thing" I was alluding to at the beginning?

I didn't find out until I emailed Mary on Monday from the comfort of my chair...

Mary and I both are originally from Buffalo, NY.

We just might have attended the same concert all those years ago.

Or sat near each other in a restaurant.

Or, as I mentioned to Mary, maybe we dated the same guy.

Now that would be funny!


J said...

Patti YOU are funny!

Thomas Fleming said...

Their soap looks good enough to eat--like candy or cheese!

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