Saturday, April 3, 2010

fabric accessory.

A fabric necklace. It's different, unique. Much prettier and vibrant in real-life.

The necklace needed something extra, so I decided to learn the art of rolling fabric roses. Then I attched the green rose to the necklace, adding a funky new vibe.

Now I can roll roses out of anything...fabric, ribbon, paper...

This is a matching bracelet. I would prefer a charm of some kind, over the button. But ya gotta go with what you have available. I found the tutorial for the bracelet here. They're easy and fun to make, but a little tricky at the end.

I'll be making more necklaces and bracelets in the coming's fun seeing how the fabrics and colors come together.

Plus, I have another style necklace in the works.

This necklace is for one of my "trusty" friends. She is going to say, "Oh, Patti! I just love it." I know this because she loves everything I make her. It's nice having a friend who is so easly to please.

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