Wednesday, December 30, 2009

motivational ploy.

What will they come up with next?

A new, technologically-assisted, interactive way to get your kids to do their chores: My Job Chart.

When I was a kid, all it took was a glare or a threat from Dad or Mom and we became putty in their hands. Why, I remember scrubbing the basement steps...but that's another story entitled, "Cinderella." (Just kidding, Mom).

But times, apparently, are different.


Do you think I could get this system to work on myself?

Or would that be a total waste of time?

Yeah, I think I'll try it...


Mary Anne Drury said...

Well, my first thought was (in my overly enthusiastic Marsha Brady voice "yeah! a job chart for big girls ... that's just what I need to keep me on track ... or get me on track to begin with". But then in my whiny Jan Brady voice I think "I don't know about you, but I'd sure need some pretty GREAT rewards on that job chart(something like a trip to Italy ) to get me motivated to stick to any kind of a schedule .... and I JUST KNOW that's not on the rewards list ." (sigh)

Priscila said...

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