Tuesday, December 29, 2009

mischievous habit.

Those who know me fairly well are aware that I have a love for nuns. As a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a nun. I, ahhhh....ahem. My eligibility on taking certain vows, ummmmmm...shall we say, has run out, is kaput, has long left the building.

I was delighted, however, to have received this adorable calendar from my sister-in-law, Red Bear. Known to outsiders not a member of our two-participant circle, as "Laurie."

Sit back and enjoy some of the very cool photos in my very own calendar of...

Laurie, I hope you don't get excommunicated for this!

Oh, dear.

Ha, ha...those 3rd-graders can try the patience of a saint!

Now, this is the type of nun I would be...can you see how she's all made up? I apparently cut off her feet while photographing this page. The makeup wearing sister is also wearing high-heels. Very funny... if you could see her sexy shoes compared to the sensible shoes of the other sisters!

Swing away, my sistahs!

Oh, dear.

Amen! Have fun sisters, you deserve it!

Oh, dear.

Pray, sisters! That's what I do on those scary coasters!

Reminiscent of The Flying Nun, one of my all-time favorite shows as a child.

Wait, isn't that a photo of Sally Field?

Ha, ha, ha...I crack myself up!

Thanks for the calendar, Laurie.

It's divine!


Trudy Callan said...

Very cute. Happy New Year!

J said...

Very funny! My mother-in-law avoided being a nun her entire childhood... I think that is why she got married so young. She had many aunts that are nuns and they would try to get her and her sisters to come and live with them at the convent affiliated with their school. I think I'm going to go on a mission and find this calendar for her!!! Happy New Year and thanks for sharing!

Thomas Fleming said...

That's awesome--if a bit, ah, "irreverent"! It reminds me of Sound of Music, which Mel and I watched on TV the other night. I think Maria would be pleased!

Janean said...

Girl, i was not raised Catholic (though a couple of my cousins were), but i grew up where nuns were out and about in the community. i so wanted to be a nun so i could wear those long, flowing habits!!!!! the calendar is AWESOME.

The Queen(aka Red Bear) said...

So glad that I could bring such joy to you and to others. When I saw it I thought of you, sister. I love thost type of gifts.... did not go out looking for something for you (do not take offense), it just found me and it screamed... Patti!!! Sorta of like a roll of Charmin!! Happy 2010. Love to you and your men.

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