Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day!
~to my husband: my knight in shining armour. My protector, mate and friend.
A great & loving father to our son.
A devoted son to your parents. A helpful son to mine.
Not only do I love being with you,
I love you!

~to my dad: thank you for providing for us, for teaching us how to love life.
You have always been there for us, so much fun to be with.
Thank you for the secure childhood you gave us.
Thank you for loving me.

~to my brothers: you will never know how much each of you means to me.
As a child, each of you were like a mini-father to me.
I always knew that I could count on you.
How blessed am I to have 3 beautiful brothers!

~to my father-in-law: you raised a fantastic son.
Who fathered his own fantastic son.
Thank you!

~to God my heavenly Father: you answered the prayers of my heart,
without my ever having to utter a word.
Your love for me is certainly beyond measure,
for you blessed my life with good men.
May you continue to bless
each of them in their daily walk,
loving them, guiding them, blessing them.
And Heavenly Father,
thank you for the gift of your blessed Son.


JR said...

Very nice tribute!

Red Bear aka The Queen said...

You forgot to mentioned that Connor was blessed when Jason took up the honor of being godfather to him. Connor enjoys not just being Jason's nephew, but having that extra special title ... godson! What a great choice we made in asking Jason to be our Connor's godfather. Of course his godmother is not too shabby herself!!

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