Sunday, November 23, 2008

test of friendship.

This is my friend from the '60's. I love her hairdo. You'd look good as a blonde, Suzy. Totally hip, chic, sexy!

This is Wanda in the '80's. Wanda has curly hair in the '80's. She doesn't have curly hair in real-life. I'm sorry about this picture, Wanda. You see, I'm waiting for my photo-editing software to arrive and not being able to upload my fabulous photos, I just had to post something. I thought this might be fun. It was fun for me, but I don't know if my girls will forgive me.

I can take comfort in knowing that these two ladies are fun-loveing and have a great sense of humor. Right, girlfriends?

If you'd like to play with some photos, go to Yearbook Yourself. Then blackmail your friends and family. .. go ahead, it's fun!

I love you, Suzy and Wanda!

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