Sunday, July 13, 2008

"...don't worry about it."

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Rudy home. Thank you for the comfort you left Rudy's girls, thank you for their faith and love of their family. Laurie told of how the church bells were beautiful, as was the smile on Rudy's lips. Lord, thank you for hearing the prayers of Rudy's family and friends and though we don't always understand, in our hearts we know that your timing is perfect. So Lord, please bless this family and help them in the coming days to laugh through their tears and to find comfort in their innumerable stories of Rudy. And if Rudy is true to form, he's up there saying, "...don't worry about it."

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Red Bear said...

But oh how I miss him so and my mother too. After 61 years of marriage, they just could not stand to be apart I guess. Wonder if I will have that same feeling?! Hmmmmmmmm?! Thank you for thinking of him, and us, and sharing him with your friends. Lots of love to you, Patti.

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