Friday, July 25, 2008

crazy obsessive addiction.

Why, oh why, oh why, why, why am I obsessed with ironing everything? Hmmmm? Could this be a genetic disorder? I think so, because Mom irons everything. Is it an environmental condition? Probably, because Mom ironed all our clothes as we grew, and boy, could she iron! Thanks, Mom! You can catch me on any given day, at any given time, hanging out with this iron, even on the hottest of days. When my last iron took its leave of me, I was beside myself, wondering what was I going to do without my iron? I ran to K-Mart the very next day to replace the beloved/hated dewrinkler. Oh, and K-Mart (you know what Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man thought of K-Mart...yes, he was correct!) naturally didn't have any more of my brand. So I had to wait yet another day to go to Wal Mart to see if my Black and Decker Classic was in stock. Yes! Sweet blessed relief, and it was $5.00 less than at that other worthless store. This is positively the best little iron. I know this because I've bought expensive, name-brand irons that were OK, but not worth the price I paid. And now I need to get a life. But (never start a sentence with a posterior word) just in case you're ever in need of a sweet little hottie, this is the one to buy. Adios.

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