Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cat House

BB-the-Dog, of whom there are numerous photos plastered all over this blog (because she's the only mammal in this house who semi-lets me take her picture), had a little visit to the doctor's today. She's OK, it was her yearly visit and something to do with a "package" I purchased last year that covers her vaccines and yet, I ended up paying extra for antibiotics that will clear up a little rash she's developed.


These are what greeted BB as we walked through the doors to the Vet...CATS! Baby cats. And the only good cat in BB's world is a cat that's racing for its life up and over a fence!

But darn it, these kitties were just too cute!

That white kitty was a hoot. Mischievous. Aggressive. Cheeky.

He wasn't having any lazing-around!

"I'm King of the World! And the doggie can't get me when I'm way up here!"

Look out! Whitey is right behind you and by the looks of it, you're about to be pushed of your perch!

 Or squeezed off.

Instagram. I love that app!

Just look at that pretty pink nose!

Good bye, little kitties. I really hope someone adopts all of you.

And don't let those dogs get you down.

And for goodness' sake, please don't tell any of your friends about how BB cried the entire time we were in the lobby, whining while she couldn't take her eyes off of you. She's never seen a cat-in-a-house.

You're enigmas.

And cute. Thanks for the fun.

1 comment:

Judi said...

Hi there!
AND you didn't bring one of those adorable kitties home for your pup? They are sweet aren't they?
hope you have a nice weekend.

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