Friday, May 25, 2012

20 Mule Team Throwback!

I'm here to tell you this stuff is phenomenal. You can do so much with it, and it makes your laundry smell so fresh!

As I was opening the box, I squeezed it a little and some of the granules popped out into the sink...I went ahead and figured I'd see how it worked as a surface cleanser and wow! Clean!

I then put some in the toilet, that suffers from hard water stains (among others...ahem) and voila! Clean, clean, clean!

A few other uses:

~diapers/baby clothes
~fine china
~garbage cans
~spills/carpet stains
~flower preservation


After washing my white sheets in Borax, going to sleep in fresh and soft linens was soooo refreshing! What a sweet night's sleep!

I'm not kidding, try some Borax. I don't care to clean, but yesterday on my day off and armed with my box of Borax, I had a cleaning frenzy field day!

Borax isn't paying me...this is my own PSA for my friends.

Because if I have to clean, I'm going to share the love.

1 comment:

Judi said...

Hi there!
I do have some Borax...because I used it to make face cream but it was just a bit that was used.
I'll have to give the rest of the box a try with my laundry.
Hope you've been well and had a good winter....I haven't been blogging very steadily for a bit..but I seem to be back.
Come by and visit...I have a Giveaway...

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