Saturday, July 24, 2010

hot in the city, tonight!!!

Thursday evening, as I was cleaning up after dinner and minding my own business, Jason yells to me from the other side of the house, "Hey!  A fire truck just pulled up in front of Helene's house." 

That's not a good sign, as Helene is our elderly neighbor-lady with a heart problem and bone trouble.  She can barely walk, so we knew this was serious!

I dashed out of the house, wearing my black nylon exercise pants and an old ratty t-shirt of Jason's.

Running off and leaving Jason, with nary a backward glance, I was anxious to see about the hot firemen Helene's condition. 

Walking into the house, I had a sharp eye open for some of these:

I hate to have to tell you that the whole "hot firemen" hoopla is pure mythology, urban legend.

This is who I found:

A Kevin James lookalike.  And Kevin James is way cuter!

Not that I was looking all that glamorous in my housewife uniform...

None of us left the other feeling "hot."

By the way, poor Helene broke her leg and is in the hospital.  I know, I know...I sound so shallow about this whole fireman thing... 

Just so you know,  I'm not always so desperate selfish.  The next morning, I headed to the hospital with a bouquet of flowers and a get-well card for Helene.

But not before ditching  the black nylon exercise pants, the ratty t-shirt and nixing the stupid Pebbles ponytail on top of my head. 

I opted to look respectable.

You just don't know what cute doctor old friend you might run into at the hospital!

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