Wednesday, July 21, 2010

bra talk!

I've often wondered...who invented these contraptions?

They're uncomfortable, binding and just a nuisance!

So I decided to conduct my own thorough investigation to find the responsible culprit. 

Typing "history of bra" into a search engine,  I naturally landed at Wikipedia.  And there I finished my thorough investigation.

Thinking some dude was responsible for developing the elusive properly fitted undergarment, I was surprised to find that I just might owe dudehood an apology.

It seems that covering one's breasts is a practice that has its roots in ancient times.  Just look at Missy here...she didn't finish dressing.  Perhaps they ran out of fabric when sewing the dress?   Maybe this is where the modern art of wearing one's pants not pulled all the way up originated.

Look! Spartan women exercised topless.  Interesting...that was waaaay before augmentation was invented and widely practiced.  If that happened today, there'd be a lot of facial injuries...just saying!

Seriously, women didn't wear tops!  Imagine how packed the fitness gyms would be today if women could exercise topless..

In 1910, Mary Phelps Jacob had to go and ruin it for us.  A socialite and endowed in more ways than one, she invented this get-up so that she'd look stunning in her sheer dress.  Why couldn't she just have bought a more suitable frock?  Why did she have to go and design a modern bra?  Why not just frolic topless?  Three years later, she was issued the first U.S. patent for the modern "brassiere."

Are you still with me?

During my extensive research, I found some guides on how to measure oneself for a bra.  There are department stores that will measure your chest, but are the salesladies ever there when you need them?  No, of course not! 

So here you go...a little clip to help you find your best-fitting contraption:

You can also find great bra-fitting resources here and here.

Now go, find a bra that doesn't bind and make you bitter!

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