Friday, May 1, 2009

FREE-ky Friday!

Hello, Summer!

I am giving away this supremely cute hot-pink tote cooler, just in time for summer. This cooler is not only handy, but looks stunning sitting by the pool. It fits about 6 soda ("pop" up North) cans, or several bottles of water...yes, you know you can substitute beer for soda and wine coolers for water! I made and added the flower pin, to give the tote cooler a kick and have something handmade on it. The pin is removable, stick it on your hat, or bikini. Or use it as a pastey (pastie?)...ha, ha, ha.

The inside of the cooler has that silver stuff, used in lunch bags all over the world. I call it insulation, therma something-or-other...I'm not a technical gal.

I'm depressed...I have only 8 followers. I know, it's not the quantity of friends one has, it's the quality of the friendship. And I agree with that, 'cause the followers I have are SPECTACULAR! But I'm looking pitiful, like a wallflower at the dance. So I'm unabashedly begging for friends...don't judge me! Here's what you'll need to do:

~Become a follower for a chance at the tote.

~If you grab my button over there on the side bar (Share Me) and paste/link it to your blog, there's a second chance. **I am desperately trying to figure out how to get the HTML code in the sidebar...would love you forever if you could help me...

~If you blog about my giveaway, there's a third chance.

~If you're an original follower, prior to today, I'll throw in an extra chance for you.

~And if you're brand spanking new to blogging and can't do any of the above, leave a comment and you'll still get a chance at Pinkie up there. Afterall, one chance is really all you need (that's what I tell myself as I'm buying one Lotto ticket.)!

You must leave a comment telling me which of the above you're doing, so that I can check on you, like a mother checking her daughter's dusting...that's another story. I'll use my trusty friend, Random Generator to select one lucky follower. Confused? Yeah, me too!

I'll run this giveaway through Thursday, May 7th and announce the winner next weekend. You know, this could end very badly for me. What if only two people show up? I mean, I'll cherish them, but I may end up in therapy. This could be The Miss America Pageant episode all over again. Where I answer the question incorrectly and end up on the Today show, talking about my failed contest and my rumored breast implants, or lack thereof.

Good luck, friends!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love that! I am a follower and a pre-follower. I will also be a post follower! he he

How do I grab your button? I mean...your blog button not your button button.

And that would not be a big enough pastie for me...just saying.

Kami said...

Okay, I am laughing so hard I have to comment. However I am afraid my spelling shall be awful from giggling about your post. Mostly because I feel the same... I only have one lonely follower! Come visit me at

For such an adorable bag, not only will I be a follower, but I will post about it, and if I thought that shouting from the rooftops would get me more entries, I would do that too!

Have fun,

The Dotty One said...

This is a genius plan for getting more followers - well done. I may try a similar tactic! And....I was already a follower - hurrah for me :o) And hurrah for blogging and giveaways xx

J said...

Pick me! I am an original follower, I have placed your blog button on my blog, and I have written a post about your giveaway. But I have even less followers than you, in fact you comprise half of my followers! :0)

Anywho..pick me!

J said...

I couldn't get your blog button to post on my blog...I think you need to provide us with the HTML code to do that, but I did post the link to your post with the giveaway, and you are on my sidebar on my Blog list.

Sandra @ Pepperberry and Co. said...

Hi all!

I just wanted to help you out with the getting-the-button-onto-your-blog thing.

You don't necessarily need HTML. What you can do is this (these instruction are for Windows/Internet Explorer. Email me if you want other ones):

1. Right click on the picture and 'Save As'.
2. Go into your blogger Dashboard, select Layout, select Add a Gadget, and choose Picture.
3. Select the picture from wherever you saved it.
4. Next, you can add a link to it by simply pasting Patti's blog address into the link box.
5. Select done, and you're done!!

I hope that helps.

xx Sandra

Anonymous said...

I don't know how to blog, follow a blog or post a blog but I sure do like that cooler!! so if you come show your wares at my open house, does that count as helping you find some friends?

randi---i have to say said...

Cute! I love that hot pink--so very summer-y and pool side-ish!

I am a follower. Been one for a while cuz you are sweet and you make me laugh on a regular basis. :)

The Queen/Red Bear said...

Does family (your favorite sister-in-law) count as a friend/follower? I follow your blog faithfully and share it with your favorite brother ... who is too busy right now trying to vacinate the US against H1N1... If it is passed to you, call our hotline and ask for Mr. Mike ... we have a stockpile, for a price!!

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