Friday, May 8, 2009

buried treasure.

We once knew a fierce pirate, long before pirates were the rage. He never left home without his pirate attire. Quite the swashbuckler, he cut a dashing figure!

This was the hat our pirate wore, through the cold of winter and the sweltering heat and humidity of the Florida summers. On one particular hot, humid sweltering day on tour aboard a naval ship, he replied to his Grandma (who asked if he might like to take off his hat due to the heat), "But Grandma, how will they know I'm a pirate?" That, my friends, is a pirate dedicated to his profession!

This is what a once-pirate now wears. No eye patch. No plastic sword. No pirate hat. *Sigh* They grow up way too fast!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

They do grow up to be big pirates so fast ~sighs~

My pirate wears Chuck Norris and Texas Tech t-shirts.

The Queen/Red Bear said...

It is funny, we just watched a video of when you, Jonathan, and Mom and Dad were here in the fall, many, many years ago. The three amigos were outside in our woods and they were all pirates!! Hats, hooks, and all. What a hoot! Do you think that we could get them all to wear their "getups" when we are together at the end of May? What a picture. Come to think of it... the airline may confiscate any hooks that we would pack! Counting down the days!! Happy Motor's Day! xoxoxoxo

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