Sunday, October 26, 2008

find at the Farmer's Market.

Hot weather and I are not friends. I live in Florida. Ironic, isn't it? I don't like to be outside when it's a gajillion degrees, unless I'm in the pool. But when November approaches, the weather changes and spending time in the great outdoors is invigorating. We open all the windows and doors and let the refreshing breezes waft through the house, ridding the air of summer's oppression.

Off to the Farmer's Market! And what a lovely time. Those are greens. Just greens. A Southerner would know which variety, but I'm a Yankee and have no clue about various types of greens.

I do know what these are. Lemons. Pineapple. Yankees know fruit.

What a brilliant color palette. Lovely, vibrant colors. You won't see this at a grocery store.

Another beautiful find at the market. Lovely, salt of the earth. Beautiful bright eyes. A shy smile. She told me she didn't want to break my camera. I told her she was too beautiful to break my camera. I was right! A sweet treasure found at the local Farmer's Market.

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randi said...

Our farmer's market closed quite a while ago. How nice to still have access to fresh fruits and veggies. We are now resigned to the apples and bananas of the cold months. Boohoo!

I love the picture of the lady at the market. She is adorable!

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